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Windsor WorkCare Testimonials




Windsor WorkCare has a wonderful book of clients all across the michiana area.  These are just a few of the many testimonials that we have aquired over the years!

“Since using Windsor WorkCare, we have seen a drastic reduction in our Workmen’s Comp cost along with a significant decrease in our OSHA 300 Log.”

Deb Mazur
HR Manager, 
Syndicate Systems


“Our Workers' Compensation premiums have decreased quite significantly - by as much as 50% compared to the time period prior to utilizing Windsor WorkCare for Occupational Medicine.”

Jennifer Holmes
Division Safety Manager,
Carpenter Co.


“Our employees do not wait long for treatment and feel that they are not rushed when speaking with the doctor and staff. Since SJC Ind. began using Windsor WorkCare, we have had fewer OSHA recordable injuries and minimal lost time.”

Jennifer Knefely
HR Manager,
SJC Industries Corp dba Marque & McCoy Miller