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About Us

As an occupational medicine industry leader, Windsor WorkCare has provided quality care and services to hundreds of companies and thousands of their employess for over 15 years. Windsor WorkCare’s primary objective is to provide exceptional and quality medical care while promoting safety awareness in the work environment and keeping your company’s Workers’ Compensation costs low.

Windsor WorkCare’s educated staff is committed to giving you and your employees efficient and compassionate healthcare while effectively returning employees to work and helping to maintain your Workers’ Compensation. Here are some more great reasons to choose Windsor WorkCare:


Windsor WorkCare Provides Immediate Communication

  • Speak directly with the physician
  • Prompt return of Patient Status/Return to Work Reports in writing, by email, or fax


Windsor WorkCare’s Efficiency Lowers Your Costs

  • Independently owned by Dr. Collier means no inflated corporate fees
  • Our Physician is always available, on-call 24 hours a day
  • No on-site physical therapy lowers our overhead which means savings to you
  • Minimal wait time; we respect your timeclock
  • Bi-Lingual Staff

We guarantee that every patient will receive:

  • Professional, courteous attention​
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Appropriate treatment

We guarantee that every company will receive:

  • No Up-Charging for additional services​
  • Timely communication directly with the doctor
  • Expedient, cost-effective medical services